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Formulary Management Disruptiveness Index and the PBM Rebate to WAC Ratio

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The ratio of PBM rebate to WAC as a practical measure of non-disruptiveness or formulary interchangeability: Example of Insulin A recent article in Nature(1) suggests that papers and patents are “increasingly less likely to break with the past in ways that push science and technology in new directions”. This pattern holds universally across fields and […]

Consequences of Increased Life Expectancy with LEQEMBI treatment for Early AD, on its Estimated Benefits

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What could be the consequences of increased life expectancy with LEQEMBI treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, on its estimated benefits? In the news they provided on January 6, 20212 (1), Eisai described their approach to pricing LEQEMBI (Lecanemab), a disease-modifying treatment for early Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). When approved, the treatment is expected to be reserved for […]

Role of healthcare providers expands in dcts

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Even before the COVID pandemic, most clinical trials already had decentralized components such as blood draws completed at locations other than the designated trial site. However, the pandemic created an opportunity for a new decentralized component, telemedicine, with remote visits. Inexpensive telecommunication platforms, immensely popular in ordinary life, became very successful in routine healthcare, as […]

MHRA guidance on the use of RWD

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Leveraging real-world evidence in clinical development Commentary on the MHRA guidance on the use of real-world data in clinical studies to support regulatory decisions (1) and the MHRA guideline on randomized controlled trials using real-world data to support regulatory decisions (2), both recently published (December 16, 2021) MHRA acknowledges that evidence from randomized trials using […]

Is the effect of sildenafil on Alzheimer’s disease plausible? A pharmacokinetic perspective

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There have been many reactions to the retrospective study identifying sildenafil (Viagra) as a candidate drug for Alzheimer’s disease that has just been published in Nature Aging. Despite alternative explanations (and hidden unknowns) the results are generally viewed as enough evidence of an association to justify prospective studies. One issue that I have not seen […]

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