Health Economics and Outcomes Research Services

Partnering with clients to define healthcare resource utilization and clinical outcomes

Need of HEOR in Healthcare Decision-Making

With the shift from fee-for-service models to value-based care models, it is important to identify and define the healthcare resource utilization and clinical outcomes that are relevant to the various healthcare stakeholders and can be used to determine the ‘value’ of a therapeutic intervention.

Key Challenges

How Do We Help?


Delivering the ultimate objective of improved health outcomes

Collaborating to build, establish and communicate product value

Extensive research for developing and validating PRO tools

Real-time refinement of health economic and budget impact models from post-launch data

Actu-Real’s HEOR Services

Health Economics

  • Health economic and Pharmacoeconomic modelling
  • Cost effectiveness analysis
  • Budget impact analysis
  • Policy insights
  • Epidemiological modelling
  • Fiscal health and population modelling
  • Systematic literature reviews
  • Data synthesis, meta-analysis

Outcomes Research

  • Identification of PROs and other
    outcome measures
  • Development and Validation of
    outcome measures and tools
  • Guidance to clinical development
    program on outcomes endpoints
  • Statistical analysis and modelling of
    outcomes data

Value Evidence

  • Predictive modelling based on real world data sources
  • Cohort segmentation
  • Develop personalized

The Actu-Real Advantage

HERCULE™ - a modular platform with pre-configured statistical models that can be readily deployed to ingest, analyze and visualize real world data
Pragmatic and fit-for-purpose solutions combined with cross-functional expertise across clinical development, real world evidence, health economics and, data sciences
Structured approach and well-defined methodologies to conduct holistic research related to health economics and outcomes research
Team experience across many databases and HTAs
Innovative solutions in areas of value-based healthcare to help manufacturers and payers understand market performance before launch
Glocal strategy of thinking globally to provide the right local solutions for each market


HEOR stands for health economics and outcomes research.

Health economics comprises the use of economic analysis to quantify and compare the value of healthcare interventions.

Outcomes research involves evaluating and analyzing the effect of healthcare interventions on patients in terms of their medical and health outcomes.


Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) is used to complement traditional clinical development information in guiding healthcare coverage and access decisions for specific therapies.

A budget impact analysis is usually performed in addition to a cost-effectiveness analysis. A cost-effectiveness analysis evaluates whether an intervention provides value relative to an existing intervention (with value defined as cost relative to health outcome). A budget impact analysis evaluates whether the high-value intervention is affordable. For example, a cost-effectiveness analysis may indicate that Drug A is a good value relative to Drug B because it has an incremental cost-effectiveness ratio (ICER) of $40,000 per Quality-Adjusted Life Year (QALY). This means that per person, one needs to spend $40,000 additional dollars to provide each patient with Drug A. If there are 50,000 patients within a health system that need this drug, the healthcare system will have an additional 2 billion dollars of budget impact to treat these patients, which may not be affordable.

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