Technology Services & Digital Innovation

Strong foundation of domain expertise and technology helps push the boundaries of digital disruption

Need for Technology and Digital Innovation in Healthcare

Digitization of data and overall digitalization of healthcare along with availability of massive amount of real-world data and emphasis on evidence-based decisions at all levels has paved the way for technology and digital innovation to become major disruptors across the spectrum of drug development and clinical care.

Key Challenges

How Do We Help?


Offer solutions for all stakeholders – pharma, payers, providers and patients

Ensure pragmatic implementation of ideas enabled by our deep industry experience and understanding of regulations

Infuse agility into operations so that adoption keeps pace with innovation

Actu-Real Healthcare Technology Services

Digitization solutions for RWD

  • Proprietary platform to ingest and query real world data
  • Data harmonization and common data models
  • Digital health apps to capture RWD

Healthcare data warehousing & analytics platform

  • Definition and development of enterprise data model
  • Fit-for-purpose data warehouse
  • Modular analytics platform with built-in statistical analyses

Patient support services

  • Development of patient support program
  • Technology enabled engagement and communication
  • Apps and AI-powered tools to monitor outcomes and adherence
  • Medical information content creation
  • Contact center for insurance & medication support

Integration of customized clinical rules into claims systems

  • Analysis of treatment pathways
  • Derivation of clinical rules based on predictive modeling
  • ML-based claims payment analysis and rules-based screening and approval of claims

The Actu-Real Advantage

Integration of strong technology expertise, cross-functional skillset and extensive industry experience
Innovative technology-driven solutions in Value-based healthcare
Comprehensive support that meets the needs of all stakeholders and offers appropriate technology solution along with domain specific services
HERCULE™ - a modular real world data analytics platform with pre-configured statistical models
Optimized global delivery model with 15+ global offices and delivery centers

Looking for Clinical DevelopmentRWEHEOR Services?

    Actu-Real Inc.

    Actu-Real offers solutions and services to help payers, providers and pharmaceutical companies optimize objectives of access, quality and cost of healthcare, with the backbone of a fit-for-purpose, all-in-one technology platform for data integration, advanced analytics, reporting and visualization.


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