Capability Augmentation

Agile and flexible capability augmentation framework that delivers accelerated performance and long-term value

Need for Capability Augmentation

The drug development phase faces a slew of uncertainties like:

  • The unpredictable status of a company’s portfolio and clinical trial pipeline
  • The possibility of a clinical trial being stopped after an interim analysis or being abandoned due to safety or efficacy reasons.
  • Urgent need for new studies to address an evidence gap, or to establish evidence in a different geography or against a specific competitor therapy.

Pharmaceutical companies continue to face challenges in ensuring optimal level of resources in-house at all times to support their clinical development programs. The ideal solution is to let a partner manage the risk of the peaks and troughs in resource requirements. In addition to this, there’s also the strategy of identifying core and non-core activities, building in-house capacity for core functions and using contractual resources for the rest.

Clinical trials being outsourced to full-service CROs is a fairly standard operating model, but the past couple of decades have witnessed an increasing interest in the FSP (functional service provider) model. An FSP partner offers functional expertise, resource management and technology solutions in a flexible, scalable delivery model. Such capability augmentation requirements are common in the area of clinical trial execution. With the rising demand for real world data analysis and the advent of value-based care models, these requirements have extended to real world data analytics and related areas.

Key Challenges

How Do We Help?


Agile and scalable delivery model

Flexible engagement model with a global reach

Talent pipelining

Vetted, quality resources

Strategic collaboration
Capability Augmentation Talent Pool

Actu-Real’s Capability Augmentation Services

Managed functional augmentation
Insourced Full-time equivalents (FTEs)
Flexible and customized capability augmentation models
Actu-Real Provides FTS

Skillsets across Clinical Development and Post-Launch:

Biometrics & RWE

  • Clinical Data Managers
  • SAS Programmers
  • Biostatisticians
  • Real World Data Analysts
  • Data Sciences/AI/ML experts

Other roles

  • Medical Writers
  • Clinical Data Coordinators
  • Clinical Project Managers
  • Medical Monitors

The Actu-Real Advantage

Talent community - ClearedTalent™
Deep domain expertise
Rich experience in capability augmentation services
Industry’s largest organic recruitment engine
Access to global talent pool
Flexible and customer-centric engagement models

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