Actu-Real combines cross-functional skillsets to provide solutions to quality, cost and access challenges in healthcare for pharmaceutical cos, insurers and healthcare providers. Actu-Real is your preferred partner of choice because we provide “hands-on” leadership in the development and execution of projects using a creative problem-solving approach, combined with a proven track record of success.
Actu-Real provides solutions that deliver quality and speed in areas of study design, data management and reporting for regulatory submissions. Our team of experts use RWD to model the uncertainty around translation of risk-benefit profile of an intervention from clinical development to the real world, enabling risk-sharing across stakeholders and value-based pricing and contracting.
Value Based Healthcare

Leveraging cross-functional skillsets to deliver operational efficiencies and ‘value’ across the entire healthcare spectrum

Empowering pharmaceutical and life sciences enterprises with platform-driven advanced analytics approach to real world evidence

Partnering with clients to define healthcare resource utilization and clinical outcomes

Formulating successful market access strategies through cross-functional expertise and focus on science and innovation

We improve efficiency through our statistical design inputs and our data management, programming and writing outputs

Strong foundation of domain expertise and technology helps push the boundaries of digital disruption


Pharmaceutical Companies

We have rich experience in the pharma industry, across the product lifecycle continuum, and across clinical development, medical affairs and statistics. We provide niche services and solutions in the pre-launch and post-launch stages.

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Insurance Companies

Our solid foundation of data sciences, technology, market access and actuarial science, along with a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical product lifecycle enables us to offer innovative solutions for evidence-based decision-making and risk-sharing.

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Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) & Providers

We emphasize on data-driven solutions for value based care to leverage our cross-functional expertise and help you optimize both cost and care.

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    Actu-Real Inc.

    Actu-Real offers solutions and services to help payers, providers and pharmaceutical companies optimize objectives of access, quality and cost of healthcare, with the backbone of a fit-for-purpose, all-in-one technology platform for data integration, advanced analytics, reporting and visualization.


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