Market Access and Pricing Solutions

Formulating successful market access strategies through cross-functional expertise and focus on science and innovation

Need for Pricing and Market Access strategy and Solutions

With the ever-increasing focus on informed decision-making by all healthcare stakeholders, there is a need to establish evidence far beyond the basic product information of yesteryears.

The foundation of a successful market access and pricing strategy is identification, demonstration and presentation of the therapeutic and economic value of a product.

Key Challenges

How Do We Help?


Building the right strategies for successful product launches

Providing strategic insights about value evidence and value proposition

Understanding of barriers for entry and reimbursement in different markets

Formulation and implementation of market access strategy throughout clinical development and post-launch

Continuous monitoring of HTA reviews and surveillance of payer coverage and reimbursement policies

Actu-Real’s Market Access & Pricing Services

HTA support strategy and framework

  • HTA reviews and monitoring
  • Advisory board insights
  • Clinical and market research
  • Cost-effectiveness modelling

Launch readiness support

  • Market assessment
  • Pricing and reimbursement research
  • Product benchmarking and
    competitor analysis
  • Channel strategy
  • Launch sequencing

Value Identification and Communication

  • Identify evidence drivers of value and price
  • Value proposition development, messaging
    and positioning
  • Global Value Dossier development
  • Custom messaging for formulary decision makers
  • Multi-media formulary tools

Market access consulting

  • Market access landscape analysis
  • Payer value diagnostics
  • Payer segmentation and strategy
  • Risk sharing and Value-based agreements (VBA)
  • Value-based pricing
  • VBA/RSA database curation

The Actu-Real Advantage

Innovative solutions in Value-based healthcare to estimate real-world value before launch
Global delivery model with 15+ global offices and delivery centers
In-depth experience that spans across the pre-launch and post-launch continuum
HTA experience across several markets to help optimize go-to-market strategy and pricing decisions
Pragmatic and fit-for-purpose solutions combined with expertise across clinical research, medical affairs, access and pricing strategy, supported by experience in brand strategy development
Team experience ranging from complexities of value-based pricing to challenges of budget-driven pricing


Globally pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology innovators require effective market access strategies to get them optimal reimbursement for their healthcare interventions while maintaining affordability for payers so that patients have access to effective therapies with minimal delay. In simple terms, successful market access, pricing and reimbursement strategies ensure the delivery of the right treatment to the right patient at the right time, and at the right price.

Health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) output is an important component of the evidence package to support any Market Access strategy. The two are intrinsically related and complementary to one another. Successful companies develop a HEOR roadmap with market access strategy considerations taken into account through the early stages of clinical development, rather than as an afterthought to only be developed close to regulatory approval.

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