Quality Policy Statement

Quality in everything we do is our commitment for the success of our customers and our business.

  1. Attain highest benchmark in quality and value in providing efficient and value-driven business services
  2. Ensure that we are cognizant of the role played by service efficiency and quality in aiding our customers in taking accurate, timely and knowledge-based decisions
  3. Ensure that we are committed to delivering robust, efficient, value-enriched, highly productive solutions to customers striving to stay ahead of the innovation curve, while assuring a consistent quality benchmark in all our deliverables
  4. Assure that work performed by us shall always be in conformity to the QMS framework and in compliance with applicable legal and customer requirements, to serve customers with a diligent and improvement-based approach
  5. Assure that with proactive management leadership, we shall strive to ensure a strong technological infrastructure and continuous attention to people skilling in order to improve our people, processes, and their work environment for anticipating, meeting, and exceeding the needs of our customers
  6. Assure management leadership and commitment towards continual improvement of the QMS framework


    Actu-Real Inc.

    Actu-Real offers solutions and services to help payers, providers and pharmaceutical companies optimize objectives of access, quality and cost of healthcare, with the backbone of a fit-for-purpose, all-in-one technology platform for data integration, advanced analytics, reporting and visualization.



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