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Humana value-based practices. Encouraging results and a question

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A recent article in the November 24 issue of Fierce Healthcare summarizes results from value-based care from the insurer Humana in their latest annual value-based care report. According to Humana, Medicare Advantage (MA) members receiving value-based care had more preventive care, lower costs, and better outcomes in 2020 compared to those in traditional Medicare. […]

Towards a more patient-centric evaluation of new anti-cancer treatments: Combined Assessment of Quality Of Life and Survival (CAQOLS)

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As we know, the evaluation of clinical benefits achieved with cancer drugs is a complex problem. It is well described in two recent reviews, a study that systematically synthesized and analyzed English, French, and Australian health technology assessments (HTAs) of all new cancer medicines licensed in the United States and Europe between 2003 and 2013 […]

Current Monetary Sources of Motivation to Participate in Clinical Trials

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Currently, offers of payment to volunteers participating in clinical trials come in three categories, reimbursement for-out-of-pocket expenses, compensation for time and burdens, and recruitment incentive. Reimbursement and compensation are service-based reasons for offering payment; recruitment incentives, by contrast, aim simply to improve participation rates. (1) The payment guidance document from the Harvard Clinical and Translational […]

The Cost of Abandoning Clinical Trials

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In the second blog of this series focused on recruiting and retaining volunteers in cancer (and other difficult) trials, we shall review another aspect of pharmaceutical development, the cost of abandoning clinical trials that end up generating uninterpretable results because they miss the enrollment needed to demonstrate statistical significance at a predefined level of efficacy. […]

The origin of the first specifically antidepressant drug

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Levitra livraison express   Les épisodes de rapports sexuels hebdomadaires moyens pour les choix des conditions sous-jacentes potentielles et des facteurs de risque associés à la dysfonction érectile ed. Mme taruvinga a demandé la source des médicaments et madimbu étant charge les besoins en constante évolution de leurs multiples centres de données. De nombreuses publicités […]

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