On-Demand Webinar: Risk Sharing Agreements – Can “Innovative” Outcomes-Based Contracts Work?

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There is a lot of buzz around a recent variation of Risk Sharing Agreements (RSAs) called “innovative” outcomes-based contracts, especially as more gene therapies receive approval. Several multimillion-dollar price-tag drugs have recently gained regulatory approval, with a record number of new cell and gene therapies (CGTs) up for regulatory decisions over the coming 2 years. […]

Value-based healthcare, and the challenges of establishing its benefits

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Value-based healthcare, so intuitively appealing yet so difficult to demonstrate. In the US, most healthcare spend is based on a fee-for-service reimbursement method; providers get paid based on the specific services that they perform. For most providers there are no financial incentives to reduce costs, improve quality, or enhance the patient’s experience. Under a value-based […]

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